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.Wednesday, January 27, 2010 ; 8:49 PM (

Without you my life is empty and hollow..the phrases u use the jokes u tel the sweet ntings u tell me replay in my mind throughout the dae especially whn ure not with me..he makes me tear whn he goes all deep in thought and emotional and he makes me smile evrytime i hear his voice being with you jus makes my whole world alot brighter and as long as im here with u baby imma make sure tt ure fear of u leaving me wudnt cme true ok i love u soo much sweetheart
the words he saed tt made me tear :Your eyes were wat made fall.I gave u my number and u reali did call.We made it through the hard times and tears.I count the seconds tt we're apart.The dae seems so long bt you're in my heart.I reali do hope tt you feel the same wae cos i wana be with u forever and a dae
he also saed tis: ive jus known u for 4 daes bt its like we've known each other for years..probably in our previous lives.whn i was wondering whr my angel was there u came flyin to me..baby i'l treasure u til my last breath no mater wat I LOVE U!!
sme people make these 3 words seem so cheap bt whn thy cme from u its like the biggest crime a guy can make by makin his gerlfriend fall so deeply in love with him..i love u baby i loved u ystrdae,i love u todae and imma keep loving u tmrw and the daes tt cme aftr tt..i love it whn i go hme reeking of u aftr spending time with u jus makes me feel tt ure smewhr arnd even whn ur not i mis u sweetie big smiles ok =D i love u =D

.Tuesday, January 26, 2010 ; 7:38 PM (

Life has been a real roller coaster since the last time i wrote a post here...from sch to relationships..smetimes i reali wonder who im living my life for..myself or for everyone else around me cos rite nw it seems like all ive been living for are the people arnd me...well like it or nt ive jus gotta take everyting as it cmes cos i aint no godess nor a fortune teller i cnt predict wats gona hapen tmrw nor wud i ever noe if tmrw wud cme..

wel for nw im reali happy i found a guy tt loves me jus as passionately as i love him...being with him jus brings back the old happy smily natasha tt dissapeared a long time ago everyone tried bringin her back..friends,family..no one suceeded onli he did..smehw he managed to fill all those empty spaces tt no other guy cud without being tacky and unrealistic his love is was drives me to wake up in the morning and to actuali live..we havent been together for tt long almost a week yet it feels like we've been togethr for years..his sincerity is noting like ive ever seen be4 his willingnes to do jus about aniting for me makes me tear..last nite was the nite whn he poured out his feelings to be and now i c tt my relationships arnt as shitty as his were..the fact tt we both are extremely scared of being left alone and shattered yet again jus brings us even closer to each other holding on to each other real tight so tight tt we cud feel the beats of our hearts and our breaths on each other's neck beating dwn with our own unique rythm it took me so long to finali want to be in a serious relationship again my heart sank whn i met u ure jus the best ting tt cud ever hapen to me baby i love u so much i swear i do =)

alrites tts it for nw imma leave u with a few pics of him =)
=) bye all =)

.Thursday, April 16, 2009 ; 3:13 AM (

hello neh nehs im finally back at hme hahaha omg i had loads of fun at oreantation camp ahh i had a few hicups at the strt bt it turned out well aftr...first mishap i dropped off at the wrng stop hahahha n i had to lugg two huge bags frm woodlands all the wae to clementi...bt whn i got there i had no clue whr to go bt i meet afew guys who were also frm ee so we went together n finaly found the place..i was alittle taken aback by the people at first ah bt whn the games strted i slowly got used to it...we had to break into tribes first mine was exy..there was also kings,royal(where my hottie was in heh),astro and brince...the whole exy was amazing bt we oni had 5 gerls tts me,atiqah,li jing,eileen and joey hahah alll hapening people bt whn we spilted into groups mine was called spartans and i was the onli gerl...hahaha bt i had an advantage cos thy took reali gd care of me hahaha..ok thn we played games like wacko,do you like ure neighbour,blow wind blow,virus,tongkak hahahaha thy were fun ahh bt painful n sweaty hahahahah thn onh the nite of the first dae we had amazing race i breathe in flour cos thy made me laugh whn im supose to onli use my mouth to find a card in the pile of flour wat bitches hahahaha and the most disgustin ting is putting butter thru ure shirt n passing it on the the rest in a line YUCK hahahha by the end of the nite i was sweaty as hell,smelt like butter and sweat and was super super super tired..
thn came the nxt dae first half was boring ah we found out our class..im in A21 my class so far boring ah ahahahah =) bt lets c as sch strts hw clas is hahah bt aftr tt was btr we played water games in TRIBE GROUPS EXY ROCKS AHH SEHHH hhahaahah thn came the nite where we won piizza at biding and thn at 2 played concentration haha who ever lost ate peaches hahaha motive of game finish peaches hahaha 5 of us played thn aftr went to macs thn came bck n find ghost n sabo people who were aslp hahahha = no slp at all hahahha =)...
thn came the third n last dae whr we took pictures like crazie and listened to lectures and got our timetables n all tt shyt...hahaha on the whole i had a great time n made many gd friends =) nw im jus waitin for mondae hahahah =) tis shud be a fun strt to 3 years in poly hahah =)
im in reali high spirits alrdy hahah no more sappyness..weeeeeeee bt im stil super duper tired aftr slping at 830 n getting up at 1130
hahahahahaha =) imma go check out my bed again i'll write soon i guess
bye bye neh nehs =)

.Saturday, April 11, 2009 ; 10:08 PM (

heeee im gona get sclded once again if i dont do tis hahaha =) these past few daes were remarcably happier i gues im reali psyched abt sch n all heh n i tink teaching the kids reali help its like u may be so fcked up be4 u get to werk bt once u strt wwrking u forget wat u were angry abt n the kids jus make u smile....i taught a 7 year old british boy and he acidentaly painted his finger blue n he cried saying my hands are gona sty blue forever n everything i touch is gona turn blue....its these little silly tings tt kids sae tt make u reali wish u were a kid again having ntin to wori abt maybe the ocasional mistakes we did bt nting big...i met up wit insyi 2 daes ago figure the date out ureself bt yea i met her we went for a movie and met smeone else in btwn as well hahaha i had heaps of fun i didnt realise there was so much to sae its like we cn tok abt aniting n nvr stop tts the bad part though haaahh....wats weird is we were nvr reali close during primary sch bt nw shes ntings less thn a sister to me i gues as time goes u slowly manage to find the people who reali treasure u as a friend n reali value as a friend n nt jus use u to their benefit thn kick u hard on the ground whn ure alrdy dwn...

i saed tis to smeone a few daes ago no matter hw much someone tries to make u happy if u stil insist on tinkking tt ure life is a sad sad ting thn theres nting anione cn do for u onli u cn change the wae u tink n the wae u live the onli thing the people in ure life cn do is be there for u whn u need thm to n tts basically it..was it abit harsh? or was it a good wake up cal for both me n tt person? n im onli 17 hw much pain cud i hav been thru compared to smeone older thn me...well i hav lived wit so much shyt so far wat wud a litle bit more do huh? n besides i hav awesome buddies to help me thru tis shyt hole i call life n get outta tis place i call home...

and u noe wat cme to tink of it i reali am numb inside like im unable to giv my al animore its like whn u get a new book u get super exicted abt n strt planning in ure head whn ure gonna read it n make an oath to finish within a specific time and carry it aniwhr and everywhr..bt whn its reali urs u keep tis up for abt a week and slowly find ureself throwing the book all over the place and end up nt finishing it withing the date u set ureself to well tts hw i feel...bt reality wise my heart has grown cold and stiff maybe it will change n warm up again bt its gona take a lng lng while for tt to happen tts for sure bt al tt matters is tt im happy n living not exactly well bt im alive so i tink tts good enuf....hahaha aniwaess enuf sappy stuff cos someone jus saed i write sad stuff on my blog which i dont reali tink is true...hahahha who caresss...aniwaesss....

bleahs tis bitch has lost topics to write abt hahahaha aniwaes i'l write soon =)

.Thursday, March 12, 2009 ; 2:43 AM (

i dont noe y it just doesnt seem like me like natasha isnt just herself animore i cant reali explain fuly wat i mean bt i tink u had tt feeling before rite? like whn sumting happend to u n u normally jus get over super easily bt yet tis one incident jus make u want to sty frozen in time or if possible jus go back in time and wish tt it nvr happend so u wont be stuck in this charade tt u made for ureself...whrever i go i c families happy n tink are thy just like me? we laugh n smile infrnt of people bt in this place we call hme the sounds of cries screams frm quarrells and shatters of heartsbreaking jus linger along the alleys and corners no matter hw hard u try to tell ureself tt its all over and its gona be fine it jus doesnt change does it? my aunty was tokin to me todae abt my family thn it hit me many hav been tokin to me abt tis thn whn i tld her i choose to nt say aniting becos i dont c wat i cn do n thn she saed tis im onli a kid its not my duty to keep the hse functioning well n its gd tt i dont argue much its a step to me being a child tts filial bt deep dwn i tink again is tis reali true is ignorance reali bliss? wud tt reali get me aniwhr i lost things reali dear to me becos of my parents my social life basically disapeared im nt tt ever ready natasha animre i dnt noe whr she went im finding her bt wat i feared most is happening im losing her i may not show it to anione bt i noe theres onli one person tt noes me hes stil the one i love i reali dnt wana let go n wish we cud strt over bt reali i noe we both are still madly in love its jus complications like a technical glitch to a game tis is a glitch in a relationship with the right wires n software i cn fix it cnt i? i hope i cn onli time cn tell my love for him stays deep wit jus a little hiccups here and there i noe ive saed n done tings tt i shudnt have bt i am human arent i? i made mistakes i hav been doing tt over n over bt hes one ting tt i nvr wan to lose cos of a silly mistake cos no matter hw hard i try i cnt get over him its jus the love and the hug n the kisses we share cn nvr compare to aniting else hes fixed in my heart no amount of time cn change it....im so sori i sound so emo bt tts jus me rite nw i duno whn wud tinks take a turn bt i hope its soon being at hme feels like prison rite nw

.Wednesday, January 14, 2009 ; 10:12 PM (

hello everyone hahah its beeen a reali lng time since i came in heree....well many tings changed hmm for a start results are out n well i cant sae tt i'm reali shocked bt i expected i wudnt do tt well...bt i can go to poly so i;m settling for tt...hmm well hav been wit the same guy for 6 months nw so i tink i'm doing well socially bt family wise ermm...i tink theres sme stuff tt needs to be fixed

.Thursday, November 27, 2008 ; 12:49 AM (

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elloooosss everyoneee its been seriously forver since i typed here hahaha there was heaps loads of stuff going onn...n using the com wasnt on the agenda at all....

oh weelss the o's are finali over noww..hahha hmmm i tink i changed alot based on hw i handle relationships n guys on the whole i didnt realise tt the one i wanted was there for me all along instead i did things tt i reali shudnt have to guys tt reali didnt deserve to get hurt so bad..i'm reali sori to those i hurt alriteeee....

well i fell in love n am gona stick to it now n forever thameem baby ure my life evrything i wanted u gave to me support love care attention n u actuali listen n respect me baby ure my whole life n more sayaaang...heee i am so sori for being so mushy bt reali hes a great catch i cn nvr n must becareful nvr to hurt

alrites people tts all foor nw a ghost movie is on the waeeeee


[x] Natasha
[x] 18
[x] tasha
[x] the world surounds me lyk a jungle full of animals
[x] trys hard to sty alive and strng bt reali needs friends with her and one she cn call true love
[x] Add me up on msn,friendster twisted_fate_92@hotmail.com
[x] i deserve more then just words and empty promises..ure preformace made me stronger!


be happy
Ben n Jerrys ice cream[DONE!]
strt poly real fast
lol the rest ask her urself
have all the love in the wolrd
I NEED SLEEEP!!!!!!!!!!



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